My Milla

Fully outfitted price

*current US estimate (FOB manufacturing plant in the US), subject to change based on customer requirements and material costs

External dimensions

12 x 22.6  Ft

Living area

270 Sq Ft

+ loft space

87 Sq Ft

*All dimensions are approximate

A living space that simplifies your life and allows you to disconnect and recharge. 

The Milla unit checks all of the boxes with a kitchen, full bathroom, and comfortable sleeping and living areas full of light and ample space.

 The price includes:

  • Preparation of architectural plans for permitting

  • The fully outfitted unit package completely built and finished in our US factory ready to be installed in less than a day


Customizations available for the My Milla color of the exterior, the choice and color of interior materials, and choice of appliances. Contact us for more details.

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Dining room



Basic equipment 1st floor




Treated and sealed wood paneling in dark, light, and natural finish options

Moisture seal wall and roof insulation to meet requirements for all states.

Your choice of natural wood, LVT, or cork flooring in various finishes

Steam insulation film

Wood paneling on interior walls with different finish options

Top of the line appliances and fixtures including Kohler products throughout the bathroom

*subject to change, materials currently being adjusted to US specifications

The unit comes fully outfitted but you can choose to remove what you don’t need

Fully Outfitted Unit Price 

*current US estimate (FOB manufacturing plant in the US), subject to change based on customer requirements and material costs


Classic C profils

Exterior accent lighting

Electrical and plumbing installation

Windows and doors

Double-glazed glass windows and doors 

Purchase procedure


Signing of the purchase agreement and conditions for purchase 

​If you find this to be your ideal next living space, the first step is to agree on all specifications and sign a purchase agreement. After signing the contract you need to make a 2% refundable deposit of the total price of your project to receive all construction documents for permitting. $750 of that deposit is non-refundable due to work required by the engineering partner for your custom stamped plans.


Constructing and setting-up the house

Our employees will ensure that you receive your dream living space, where you can spend leisurely weekends and carefree holidays, as soon as possible and without any difficulties. The My Cabin house will be ready for shipment with your specifications and by the date agreed upon in the purchase agreement.