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About us

My Cabin was launched in Latvia in 2020, offering vacation homes in three different sizes. The first years of business have confirmed a real interest and need for sustainable modular homes.  Therefore, a partnership was struck with PrefabPads in Illinois to launch the My Cabin US production facility, which was accomplished in June of 2022.


​Our philosophy is to offer a clear and understandable product. My Cabin provides ready-made and thoughtful solutions where functionality and design meet together. Our added value is the possibility to buy all of the houses in different combinations and variations - My Milla long and the My Milla can be used as a residential house, My Kalmus as an office or guest house and My Galia as a sauna or storage space



My Cabin homes are built in two production facilities. One is outside of Chicago, IL in US, which produces My Cabin vacation homes for the North American market. The second is in Mārupe, Latvia, which serves the entire European market. The My Cabin US production facility shown in the video and photos is fully operational and producing My Cabin homes for North America.


Suitable construction conditions are provided in both factories, which significantly improve process efficiency, building quality and sustainability. The factory is designed and operating for max efficiency in build time and reduction in waste. All My Cabin US units are built in this contained environment and the quality and accuracy of all units is certified by a third-party quality control agency.


​The area of the factory allows for the simultaneous production of from 7 to 20 houses at the same time to be able to ensure the fulfillment of orders as quickly as possible. My Cabin's houses - My Milla Long, My Milla, My Kalmus and My Galia are completely built indoors and transported for installation on the customer's building site. They are truly delivered to the client completely ready for living.

Milestones and Accolades

US factory launch

July 1, 2022

Opening of order deposits

August 1, 2022

First units in production

October 1, 2022

Delivery of our first unit in North America

January 23, 2023


From all of our due diligence, I think you have had the most knowledge and insight into building code compliance. You have provided really clear building specs and have been so communicative about the details that I feel confident in your abilities. Thank you for answering all of my questions and being so on top of things. Your level of professionalism in the prefab space is unmatched.


- Kim C. in North Carolina

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